I Opened a Little Store

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The Miniature Moose Shop on Society 6

Hi everyone!

I know… it’s been a very long time since you’ve heard from me. It has been a wild, awful, wonderful, bizarre year. This year has been a reminder that within a moments time you can be swept up into a whirlwind of change. Often that change can be deeply painful and dark, but it also has the power to pivot your direction, and set you on a different, more magical path. That’s where I’m at now, in the magical part… and with the support of my amazing family and friends, proof that there can be wonder at the end of a very difficult journey.

I decided to open a little store because designing the seasonal headers has been one of my favorite parts of this process.

The Miniature Moose Shop on Society 6

Society6.com is my custom retailer. It’s a really neat company that allows artists to print their work on different products. They handle all of the manufacturing and customer service, which I have tested and found to be prompt and helpful. They have a great return policy and are continually running sales on different featured products. And they frequently offer free shipping. 

I am linking you to the pillows section of my store, but you can see other products in that pattern by clicking on the pillow of your choice. You can also view items using the directory on the left hand side of the screen.

Some colorful holiday gifts this year anyone?

The Miniature Moose Shop on Society 6

Now that I am back in business, you can expect some new content soon. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be safe and give lots of hugs.

Sending love and thanks on this Thanksgiving to my Mom!