New designs over at my Society6 store. Plus some free lovey dovey phone backgrounds for you! Enjoy!

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Denver Fluff- Fluffed Ricotta with Dates, Pistachios, & Honey {Gluten-Free}

Hi! I have been spending a lot of time in Denver lately. My beau made me this as a snack while I was there and we named it Denver Fluff. It is divinnnnee! It’s so easy and perfect for a dessert or breakfast too.

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2-Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzels {Vegan}

Happy Holidays friends!

Here’s a last minute idea for a snack or dessert that only takes two ingredients. They are always a hit!

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I Opened a Little Store

The Miniature Moose Shop on Society 6

Hi everyone!

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The Fix EVERYTHING Oatmeal & Green Tea Mask Recipe {Only 2 Ingredients!} Clears Pores, Exfoliates, Reduce Redness, Leaves a Beautiful Fresh Glow

Hi! I have been testing this recipe for two months now and it is doing wonders for my skin. Who knew the kitchen had such potent skin ingredients in it?

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Light & Lemony Orzo Salad {Vegan}

The weather here has been delightful. Warm, sunny days. Rainy, cool nights. Ohio is lush and green and happening! [click to continue…]

Easy Orange Curry {Vegan, Gluten-Free}

What is orange curry you ask? Well it’s not a real thing… technically. Technically this is a red curry but since I used orange vegetables and it turns out orange, I renamed it orange. This is an incredibly flavorful meal that comes together in just 20 minutes and is full of healthy ingredients. So try something new this week!

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Fake Naan Bread {Easy, Vegan, 5-Minute} www.theminiaturemoose.comI’ll be frank, I know little to naan about naan bread making.

But I am good at improvising! So without having a Tandoor oven or years of experience under my belt, I set out to replicate the chewy, satisfying flavor of naan bread to go with my Easy Orange Curry recipe. I know this may seem goofy but I’ll tell ya’ it was super good to scoop with and really did have that chewy, carby texture that I was looking for.  Make some and see!

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10 Real Life Ways to Make Tiny Closets Work If there was ever a topic that I would be considered an expert on, it’s living with tiny closets. My house is a delightful 1000 square feet of 50’s bliss, but 50’s houses have piddly closets! My grandma explained to me that this is because people had so few clothes back then, just some work clothes and a couple of nice church outfits.

Unfortunately, If you do a Google search for tips on organizing small closets, you will likely find big beautiful organization systems and substantial spaces that are barely filled. But that’s not helpful! I’m talking puny. If you want to know how to use an itty bitty, microscopic closet in real life then you’ve come to the right place.

10 Real Life Ways to Make Tiny Closets Work

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Show Stopper Steak Potatoes with French Onion Sour Cream

My pal Dan over at Dan330 sent me a message the other day and said, ‘hey I’m getting into the spice business, will you check these out?’  Of course I said yes!  I was so excited when my bundle of spice mixes arrived; I got right to work coating this and sprinkling on that.  What I ended up with was this big time flavor tater.

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